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Roy Mustang x Riza Hawkeye

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RoyAi - The Roy Mustang X Riza Hawkeye community
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Welcome to RoyAi, a cozy little spot on LiveJournal dedicated to the love between Colonel Roy Mustang and his self-proclaimed scaaary aide, First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye, where worshipping until sanity runs out your ears is the norm! All forms of shipping are good here. An analyst? Post your rants. A ficcer? Post your fics. An artist? By all means. Anything else or all of the above? Of bloody course. We won't bite, and we'll love you for it. Discussions and fanworks on either Roy or Riza are also welcomed.

Before we get to the fangirling/fanboying, though, there are rules to observe. Hey, even Alchemy have rules. You can't have everything. ^_^

1. Please try to stay on-topic
2. Please don't join simply to advertise. Unless it's a RoyAi announcement, which is of course welcome.
3. Ask permission before using others' property/work and credit them. We don't like plagiarism, and even brainless fangirls enforce rules.
4. If you have any fiction or art that goes above G, please rate your work properly.
5. No yaoi, please. We have nothing against yaoi, but understand that this is a het community. Unless you're trying to discuss a related point, you'll be breaking the rules.
6. No Roy/Riza/Someone else fics, please. That even breaks rule number 5 most of the times.

So, shall we?

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